Ads Manager And Power Editor Will Enhance The Lives Of Facebook Advertisers Everywhere
by | Jun 23, 2015 | Video Industry News | No Comments

Facebook Advertisers will soon see major improvements inside of their ad interfaces, that will improve ad usability and searchability within an account. Facebook announced the enhancements of it’s two Facebook project’s – Facebook Ads Manager Improvements and Facebook Power Editor. The standard web interface for ads, Ads Manager, will become much more useful thanks to the inclusion of ad metrics in with the tool. This new modification will bring data directly into the same location where ads are being created. Power Editor, the advanced Facebook ad tool, will offer advertisers a larger layout with an edit pane for extra efficiency as well as enhanced search, which will allow for advertisers to have more working space for quicker ad editing. A “recently edited” and “recently uploaded” filter will also exist to keep recent updates within arm’s reach.

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