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September 3, 2018
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September 12, 2018

How to Use Ad Tag Waterfall For Pre-Rolls?

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How to Use Ad Tag Waterfall For Pre-Rolls
Today, a variety of businesses are looking to achieve their business plans via diverse video ad solutions. One of the most practical features a modern-day video service has to offer is waterfalling. The process itself resembles the behavior of a waterfall because what occurs is that the demand for sources are triggered one after the other.

What is Ad Tag Waterfalling?

The term waterfalling is used to describe a process when a publisher utilizes waterfall tags sell the remnant inventory in its entirety. Ad tag waterfalling typically comes into play when publishers cannot sell their premium ad slots, which are commonly meant for direct ad sales between the publisher’s internal sales team and advertisers.
#AdTagWaterfall typically comes into play when publishers cannot sell their premium ad slots. It is a way for publishers to sell the remnant inventory in its entirety. Click To Tweet
The process of ad tag waterfalling isn’t very complicated to grasp. It’s important to emphasize that a majority of advertising tags do not have a 100% fill rate. Publishers are always keeping their eyes open for ways to maximize revenue, and that’s exactly where waterfalling comes in. At present, it’s a feature that pushes video player ad tech beyond its limits, but above all else, it’s practical and offers publishers a better chance of completing their financial goal.

What You Need to Watch Out For With Ad Tag Waterfalling

There are some crucial things to bear in mind here. When implementing the ad tag waterfall, you have to be well aware that the process could take extra time before an advertisement is displayed. It regularly takes a few seconds for each ad tag attempt. This delay should be taken into account when implementing this process and deciding how long your ad tag list should be.

Waterfalling vs. Header Bidding

One of the best aspects of waterfalling, especially when compared to header bidding, is that it does not require much technical know-how. When utilizing waterfalling, the publishers simply goes through a brief process of setting up a tag via an ad network. That’s about it.
Ad Tag Waterfalling vs. Header Bidding: Which is better for your business? Click To Tweet
Mind you, this doesn’t mean that waterfalling is a better solution than header bidding. With header bidding, for instance, doesn’t take much time and doesn’t involve as much latency as waterfalling. As we’ve stated before, the process requires a bit of loading with every ad network tier and even then it could fail to load and this could lead to two disadvantages: errors and latency. If a tier takes too long, the user will never see the ad, and it it’s timed out that could eventually cause revenue loss. What’s more, some publishers could easily be put off because certain ad networks have their pass-backs to be configured and reconfigured.

The Upsides of Waterfalling

Waterfalling represents a rather satisfying and practical feature for publishers due to the fact that it basically helps sells off remnant inventory, which would otherwise end up unused.
Let’s face it, the main reason why waterfalling is such a tempting and advantageous feature for publishers is because it is solely focused on fill-rate. Ad tag waterfalling can be utilized in the video player setting to maximize the fill-rate, and in turn revenue. Just bear in mind that the setting means you are going to use diverse ad-servers to waterfall between one another. Potential network errors are a possibility and sporadically, ad-servers could or could not have inventory to return a VAST response with a creative included.

Going With the Flow and Choosing Your Best Option

Certain video platforms, such as the BridTV Video Player, use ad tag waterfalling so when the option is activated in the players setting and if an ad is not returned in a VAST tag or that an ad errors out, the player quickly cascades to another tag and tries to play the next ad. With our video player, things are rather straightforward. The player registers when does not return in a VAST tag or if an ad does not appear due to an error. Waterfalling starts, and the player goes through a list of 4 ad tags and if none of these manage to return an ad from any of available tags, content playback will be initiated.
Ad tag waterfalling is a feature for #publishers that help them sells off their remnant inventory, which would otherwise end up unused. Click To Tweet
The feature is easy to implement in the Brid Video Player. All you have to do is to go through the following steps:

  • Edit the player you wish to set up ad waterfalls.
  • Add e.g. a pre roll.
  • An input field will appear which accepts a VAST/VPAID ad tag URL.
  • On the right corner right above the input field, you should see a small “+” button.
  • Click on the button and another input field will appear.
  • In this field, add your secondary waterfall ad tag and so on.
  • Save your player.
  • You can add up to 4 ad tags in a waterfall this way on any ad slot.

Want to see what else we can do to turbocharge your video ad business? Let’s talk.

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