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May 8, 2019
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Video Monetization With Sleek Ad Metrics

Video ads are evolving at an astounding pace. We’re pouring a great deal of effort into developing and improving ad tech for web publishers, so they can enjoy the advantages of a premium HTML 5 video player and a streamlined ads revenue platform. When it comes to ad technology and ads in general, every single business decision you make down the road needs to be based on reliable data. Working with various publishers lead us to creating a remarkably powerful analytics engine, featuring slick and effective ad metrics that are constantly at your disposal.

To reiterate, the Web market is growing fast. Recently conducted surveys indicated that 4.39 billion people were using the Internet in 2019, marking a rise of 366 million when compared to the number of users in January 2018. That number is steadily rising. On the social media front, things are expanding as well. It was reported that during 2019 there have been 3.48 billion social media users, which is 288 million more than in the previous year.
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Over the years, video ads have become one of the main sources for monetization. Any halfway decent online publication or brand that wishes to cash in on organic traffic is looking to utilize video ads to monetize.

6 Key Points for Superior Video Analytics

Tracking video performance is undoubtedly one of the main concerns for every web publisher. When adding analytics as a component to your business strategy, you should be keeping an eye on the following data points:

  1. Video performance overview – the general overview of everything from bandwidth consumption to browser usage.
  2. Real-time video analytics – knowing how your videos perform in real-time is every bit as important as gathering and interpreting overall video data on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis.
  3. Individual video metrics – overall stats of your video library is one thing, but keeping track of your metrics for each individual video is essential.
  4. Stream media analytics – monetizing live videos also requires key performance data, if you want to truly make the most out of your content.
  5. Social media analytics tools – social sharing is the first step to brand exposure, and knowing how well your ads/videos perform on each platform should be one of your priorities.
  6. Cross-platform social video analytics – the next step is comparing how well certain ads and content performs depending on the platform, which can be achieved with the right social video analytics tools.

Valuable Ad Stats – Gaining the Right Knowledge About Publisher Ads

To help publishers enhance their monetization plan even further, BridTV incorporates an extremely detailed analytics system into your video management process. Specifically tailored for video ad performance, BridTV Analytics 2.0 highlights several essential data points.

Highly accurate video ad performance overview – the video ad performance overview section of BridTV analytics covers the data points shown below:

  • Ad impressions
  • Ad requests
  • Fill rates

Ad requests and ad impressions graphs give insight as to exact ad performance, sorted either by ad slot or platform device. Meanwhile, fill rates are also displayed by ad slot – which, of course indicates various ad types; preroll, midroll, postroll, overlay, banner, and so on. Each of these data points are going to be equally crucial to your business as much as additional information regarding ad metrics.
In addition to offering comprehensive info on publisher ad performance, our analytics engine focuses on the following aspects as well:

Ad performance per OS – without any doubt your top concern when it comes to video analytics. Windows, Mac OS X, iOS or Android; knowing the users’ device OS for your played video can definitely be a turning point in developing and improving your monetization strategy.

Ad performance per web browser – you’re always going to want to know how well your video ads perform in each of the modern-day web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari.

Ad performance per platform / device – in order to skillfully fine-tune your business plan, you’ll need to know exactly weather your users are watching video ads on desktop or mobile.

Ad performance per country/GEO – gaining knowledge about ad performance is key, but knowing how well they perform in specific regions is imperative.

Focusing on Single Ad Tag Data

The BridTV ads revenue platform gives publishers the opportunity to enhance their very own business, increase income via our meticulously developed ad tag monetization system. In addition to that, you may easily track ad performance per ad tag that you use inside our CMS, thus gaining one of the following valuable stats:

  • Overview of ad performance per ad tag used inside the CMS system
  • Breakdown of ad performance per operating system
  • Breakdown of ad performance per browser
  • Breakdown of ad performance per platform device
  • Breakdown of ad performance per country/GEO

Getting the Most Valuable Ad Metrics

In the realm of online video advertising, it honestly doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you’re on, analytics are always really an integral part of any efficient business model. You need to be using the necessary video analytics tools to track key friction points, get into detailed performance data of each video/ad, and so on. Having powerful ad metrics by your side and gathering crucial ad performance data are the necessary steps for achieving growth.