Ad Blockers On The Leash
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Ad blockers are now used by ~5% of total internet users and this number is slowly rising, according to Page Far. This fact can really shake both publishers and digital advertisers. The use of the ad-block software wasn’t something publishers and advertisers needed to worry about for the past several years, but these latest facts tell otherwise.

Ad-block software is usually a browser extension, that allows web users to prevent ads from appearing on the sites they visit. Here are a few key facts from the new research:

  1. The number of people who have used ad blocking software globally on desktop and mobile grew 69% (in 2014) compared to the last year results to 144 million people.
  2. Publishers that sell their ads based on cost per click will lose out on revenue because visitors are never given the opportunity to click on an ad. Advertisers that buy their ads on an impression basis may be paying for ads that are never seen. So advertisers and publishers stand to lose from the ad-block software.
  3. One interesting fact is that Adblock Plus alone is used by ~2% of global internet users, and now Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, is looking to collect fees from major digital-ad players to unlock their ads.

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