About BridTV

BridTV kicked off a few years ago, but has officially launched in 2018 as an ambitious project assembled, piece by piece, by a team of people who worked together for many years in various industries, including: online video advertising, web development, web design and beyond. We are very passionate at what we do and always strive to do better.

Online video is our forte and we really enjoy creating and implementing new technologies that are part of the thriving B2B market. Due to rapid development of HTML5 video technologies we are focusing most of our efforts on this.


Why We Created BridTV

Initially, our team focused on major outsourced projects and we’ve excelled at laying the groundwork for various successful technologies and platforms. In due course, we began working on our own project – BridTV.

During the project and its beta stage, we collectively gathered ample experience in complex back-end development (CakePHP), rich interactive front-ends using JavaScript and web standards, stunning and effective interface design, advertising standards on the web and so much more. We are devoted to utilizing this knowledge and creating the best HTML5 video platform on the modern-day market.

The BridTV video platform is a “labor of love” and our entire team treats it as such. For all these reasons, we are very excited about BridTV. Our goal is to continuously improve and deliver the best possible ad solutions and services to publishers, as we make the leap forward in the ever-changing landscape online video advertising. Our video platform and ad serving solutions are powered by machine learning and groundbreaking AI-based technology, which helps stay ahead of the curve.

Whether you would like to work with us, discuss a project or anything else, feel free to contact us.