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8 Tips To Make Your Blog A Profitable One

Being a creator of successful blogs is not an easy task. First of all, you need to update your blog regularly, constantly post about a specific subject (from a myriad of angles), and, of course, most importantly, make quality content. At some point, you’ll have to figure out how to make your blog profitable. You need to find a topic that interests you and your target audience, to update and inform yourself and think about the best way to distribute valuable information to others. Your blog needs to benefit your subscribers (make their lives easier, solve their problems), advertisers and you. So it’s not just about making a good blog post, it’s about finding  a perfect balance and joining those tree interests- of your fans, your advertisers and you. Here are some tips how to make your blog more popular:
1. Use multimedia posts (video, image, text)
When you use photos and videos in combination with written posts, you will surely create more attractive content and give them a richer material about the subject you want to talk about. By using different methods of engagement, you will avoid  losing  those potential fans who like videos more than text posts or images, or vice versa ( can help you with that, and with our WordPress plugin you can upload your videos in a few simple steps).
2. Locate your most profitable content and make it more visible on your site
You should find out what your most monetizable content is on your blog, and when you find it give it a premium real estate on your website. You will easily do that by using Google Analytics ( online video player supports Google Analytics, giving you info about internet traffic of your video post). So that doesn’t involve changing your content, just better organisation of your blog. For example, you can put your profitable content on your homepage. We can see that in the case of news sites.
3. Carefully analyze the structure of your web page
Sometimes it’s not about what kind of content you create but how that same content is structured on the web page. Being aware of this, many companies test different layouts, headlines, colors, graphics, placement of links …to see which layout is getting the most views. You need to experiment, to see what fits your business goals the best, that’s for sure. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, so to speak.
4. Use internal links
When you are writing posts, use many internal links, especially ones that are already popular, because that will attract more audience, and make your post more informative.
5. Put a video on your landing page
Survey shows that retailers who upload video to most of their product pages had a conversion rates some 80% higher than the ones with product videos on less than 25% of their landing pages. Stats also show 85% of internet users in the US watch online videos. So carefully select a video for your landing page, that will bring the best income for your blog. Another shameless plug – using our platform you can monetize your videos as well.
6. Make sure your content is SEO-friendly
When you are writing your blog posts, think about search engine optimization. Identify the most relevant (and searchable) keywords for the subject matter, and think about the best way to incorporate those search terms into the title and body of the post.
7. Social share your blog posts and add your blog to Blog Communities
Don’t forget about the power of social networks and post on them frequently. Also, there are many blog communities you can submit your blog to. It’s better to stick with the ones which are popular, that will bring you valuable info about blogging.
8. Pay attention to your subscribers
Turn your subscribers into your fans. They need to have special treatment, for example, you could write special newsletters, invitations to some of your events, promotions etc…You need to engage, educate and entertain your fans and subscribers by offering them interesting content. The important thing is that they need to think they are important to YOU, as they really are, because in the end, they are the one who bring you the views (and some money with it).
Every business needs time to settle in and the same rule goes for making a blog that will bring you profit. Making money from a blog is not something you can expect results from right away. You have to be focused on many things, and although sometimes it will seem like there is no progress, be patient, and work hard, the results will come eventually.