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December 18, 2015
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December 31, 2015

8 Steps For Creating A Proper Digital Strategy For Your Business In 2016

Creating a digital strategy for 2016 can be much simpler than most people think. Do your research correctly and you can have it on a single page. All jokes aside, mostly it depends on your business needs and the amount of time and resources that you can dedicate to digital media. Whether you create your strategy on one or 100 pages, your priority needs to be on setting it up on time, and not hoping for the best in all working scenarios. There is no real recipe for making a proper digital strategy but these tips will certainly help you in making one your business really need.

Profile Your Digital Market

Profiling your digital market means you need to segment and target your information from your strategic marketing plans to get a really clear picture of exactly who you want to reach with your message. Once you’ve done that you’ll do a better job at creating great content for your target group. Start by answering these questions and do your research:

  • Who is your target group? (start by identifying their demographics: location, age, gender, income level, education level, occupation)
  • What are the psychographics of your target group (personality, attitudes, values, interests, lifestyles, behavior)
  • How can they benefit from your service and how exactly can you help them?
  • What pain point do you solve that’s worth highlighting in your content?
  • How can you reach them?
  • Where do they consume content and what particular type of content they consume the most?
  • What are the social media networks they use?
  • What are their targeted devices? Do they get online using a desktop/laptop or mobile/tablet?

Set Your Marketing Goals

It’s important to set your digital marketing goals. That means setting clear digital sales objectives, setting reach and engagement goals for all your digital channels, setting targets for CTR, conversion rate, impressions, CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), cost per thousand impressions, social engagements etc.

Define Your Content Strategy

Before creating content, you need to figure out what types of content you are going to publish to your digital channels. Define what are the topics or themes that you’ll center your content around and how will you make them ie text, pictures, video, polls, ads etc. Topics should be about something that is at the core of your business.

Select Your Channels

There are numerous digital channels that you can use for your content marketing strategy. You should try to be active on all channels that are consumed by your target group. Select your platform based upon your digital brand and market information you have collected from the research of your target group.

  1. SEO (search engine optimisation) delivers organic traffic to your website or sales pages from search engines. Through these practices, you can experience a rush of customers to your web pages without actively doing anything else. A high search engine ranking means a lot for your business. You will build brand awareness, generate leads, and get more fans and potential customers from it than any other source.
  2. PPC(Pay-per-Click) advertising. Google Adwords charges you only when someone actually visits your page, so your brand gets exposure either way but you pay only when there’s a chance of making a sale ie someone visits your page.
  3. Spread your message through Social networks: Nowadays almost every internet user has a social media account. After creating memorable content and posting it to your web page, you just have to share it via social media, and that way enhance your potential audience reach. Share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram. Social media not only gives you the opportunity to share your marketing message for free but also gives you a chance to get feedback about your service/product. To activity engage your consumers. This can save you a lot of time and money.
  4. Create quality and trendy content and post in on your blog. Blogs give you the opportunity to present fresh and quality content to your audience. By writing about trends in your industry, you can optimize your content for searches, get people to share it through social media, and that way increase its reach. It is considered to be a focal point for any business in 2016 (check out our 2016 predictions about the trends any business should practice).

Use media mix in your content marketing strategy

It is important to include a lot of pictures and videos in your content. All creative assets should be consistent to display a unified and recognizable approach to potential customers. The significance of video content in a digital world shows in the fact that 73% of B2B marketers claim video positively impacts on marketing results and ROI. The content that you’ll create yourself, besides trends in your industry, should be about your brand or company. A perfect fit for this type of content are how-to videos or snap some exciting pictures of your products.  FAQ videos, video ads and how-to videos are the types of videos content recommended as great tools to build awareness, and at the same time, educate and inform your customers about the value your company provides. Explainer videos, profile, and welcome videos are a great way to engage with your target group and share with them more information about your business.

Embed your videos to your homepage

Embedding your video content to your homepage, blog, and to your landing pages will help to encourage prospective customers to convert and give richer material about the subject you want to talk about. Be aware of the fact that using third party video hosting services for embedding your video onto your website could serve as a better and more effective solution. Some of the improvements are custom player implementations, branded looks, additional back link and shared content options, custom SEO embed code which influences your own site instead of YouTube and custom monetization options.

Optimize all of your content for mobile devices

Since mobile usage has become a part of the everyday routine of an average American, and more mobile users are and will spend time-consuming content on their mobile devices, think about adjusting your content to handheld devices. Stats show mobile video is the hottest trend in the video industry today, as mobile video accounts for 50% of mobile traffic. Video sharing is growing in popularity, that’s why marketers need to start putting a mobile video at the top of their web video production when creating successful social media campaign strategies for their clients.

Measure your success

You can do that by using analytic to gain a deeper understanding of who is watching your content, utilizing metrics to score, segment and qualify your audiences. Google Analytics is one of the great tools to achieve that. There are many benefits of using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is basically telling you who is visiting your site, how they are getting to your site, what they are doing on your site, are they interacting with your content and how you can keep them coming back.

Start Now!

Carefully formulating your digital marketing strategy helps you think about your business goals and the ways to achieve them, and gives you new insights into how you can get better returns on your investment. Usually, businesses that decide to formulate and follow digital marketing strategies come across a notable jump in revenues. Hope that, by building your digital marketing strategy, and with the help of this post, you too will make your business goals for 2016 come true.

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