Mobile Becoming the Main Platform for Online Video
July 27, 2016
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August 16, 2016

8 Great Lessons in Online Video Marketing

There are a number of ways to get into the business of online video marketing, but the first steps are crucial. Online video marketing is on the rise to say the least, and more and more publishers are utilizing  video marketing for sales. For that reason, if you’re eager to get into the business, there are a few things you should know before you kick off.

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1. Mobile is Becoming the Main Platform for Online Video

It has been projected that consumers will be spending an average of 19.7 minutes a day viewing videos online via their smartphones and tablets, and 16 minutes on fixed devices (which denotes desktop computers and smart TV sets). This makes for a 39% increase for mobile from last year’s stats. It’s been pretty clear thus far that there’s the popularity of mobile devices is increasing, especially from low-cost devices in lower-income countries. In addition, there’s been an upsurge of improved mobile displays and a bigger demand for high-speed connections like 4G.

2. Using Video Marketing for Sales  

Before you head into action, make sure you define what your main goal is and then it’ll be easier to create a strategy. Videos represent your best weapon for marketing, sales, and lead generation. Utilizing videos also offers insights into a company’s business, whether it’s large or small, and that, consequentially leads to new marketing strategies. Modern-day digital video technology is also being utilized to create a better experience for the customer. As such, videos have proved to be the ideal tool to achieve your advertising and marketing goals.

3. Consider YouTube Marketing

If you’ve chosen to create videos and monetize them, it’s advisable that you also create your own YouTube channel, seeing it has become one of the greatest search engines. People often use YouTube to zero in on the specific content they are after and that just might lead them to your content – you may not be able to monetize your videos straight away, but at least you’ll get some brand recognition and that’s always a good thing. YouTube is also tied to Google search results, which gives users a chance to find videos faster – straight from the result pages and that, in turn, draws a bigger crowd to your own videos.

4. Share What You Do, Social Media is Crucial

You videos won’t have much of a reach if they are not adequately promoted on sites via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and so on. For example, a majority of social video marketing channels will give priority to video content; especially algorithms on sites like Facebook where videos get a better reach than text. Social network web sites like Facebook are cooperating with independent artist and paying them as much as $24,000 per video. Not to mention the fact that since June 2016 Facebook’s advertising herd boasted 1.71 billion monthly users, and their videos are getting ridiculously high stats. Recently, a video of a woman sitting in a car, wearing a mask and laughing intensely, presumably garnered 160 million views. That example alone should give you an idea of why video is a great tool for your e-business.

5. Remember to Be Thorough

Once you’ve established what your goal is, it is important to be thorough in your endeavors. Keep in mind that you have to properly plan out and create a script for the videos you’re making, in addition to arranging the logistics of the video shoot. When making your own video content you may even decide to get outside assistance in that regard via an agency or videographer. Following the whole process of making video content, you need to keep an eye on the numbers – i.e. how well your videos are received. Decide on what you’ll focus on: ranking click-through rates, views or different metric. You might also want to grab these 20 great tools for your everyday content marketing efforts.

6. Know Your Target Audience

No matter how hard you try to please people, you have to start somewhere and it’s usually a good idea not to be too ambitious at the outset. Your primary goal is for your videos to have reach, and the temptation in that regard is to aim your content at a wider audience. It would be far more productive if you consider pleasing a specific audience, which will probably make an instant impact as opposed to a video aimed at a large group of viewers. So, keep your content relevant to a specific audience.

7. Engaging Millennials With Video Marketing

Apart from knowing your target audience and sticking to specific content, you should also bear in mind that millennials are your biggest audience for videos and they want to engage and react to the brands they are buying from. In other words, your online video marketing strategy should focus on evoking an emotional response in order to connect to this particular generation. It was noted that millennials prefer to see and hear who is behind the products they buy, so as to make a personal connection to that product. Remember that video is the ideal medium to achieve that connection – as statistics have proven time and again.

8. The Road to Monetization

Publishers are seeking the easiest way to monetize their videos. While frequently people take the most popular choice, like YouTube, that may not be the easiest or the quickest way to monetize your videos, given the insane amount of competition emerging from the same video platform and the amount of time it takes to accumulate viewership and subscribers. For that reason, going for video platforms like BridTV might be a more logical choice, since it offers a wide variety of cool options to customize your player to suit your site and video content. Not to mention the fact that it’s currently the only video platform that allows you to monetize videos for free.