8 Awesome Tips to Improve Video SEO
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It never hurts to be reminded even of the most obvious things. We are all well-aware of how much of an impact video content makes these days and for the past few years it has become the chief tool for communication and content sharing. As you strive to make your own mark with video in what has practically become a tremendously competitive B2B environment, you should be focused on getting your stuff out the door
. So, one of the necessary steps is having the following tools: content marketing tools, traffic monitoring tools, social media marketing tools and conversion & lead generation tools. Sadly, no e-business endeavor will be noticed unless you polish your SEO the way it needs to be polished. It takes a bit of work, albeit at the end of it, you’ll be damn-pleased with the results.

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When you’re operating in a market that relies primarily on video, you have to make the most out of that format – so, yeah, as funny as it may sound, your videos have to be about ‘videos’. In other words, try using as much videos as you can to get your point across, and to reel in the attention of as many publishers as possible. Make sure to utilize testimonials (especially client testimonials), as well as explainer videos – if you need help with those, here’s a cool guide to making great explainer videos. Also, your content must correspond to the product image, and you have to provide adequate information about the product, on top of product specification.

Without much further ado, let’s check out some awesome tips that are practically foolproof when you’re looking to establish solid SEO for your videos.

Video Presentation

Video production and presentation are really the first step that will guarantee to turn people’s heads. You won’t get much attention if you don’t put effort into production. And by that we do not refer to having a Hollywood-level budget, but simply using modern-day video tech and top-quality tools, because it will look good and will give off a dash of professionalism right off the bat. To offer key info about your product, be sure to upload high-resolution product images and even make use of a 360-degree view.

AMP Implementation for Faster Load Time

Implementing Google’s AMP loads mobile web pages a lot faster, which is a great addition for both users and publishers. For video, having an AMP-compatible player gives you SEO benefits with the Google. It offers SEO value indirectly, reducing page sizes, while improving loading speed. This is almost certain to have a positive effect on SEO.

Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

Before clicking on any video (that’s assuming it doesn’t have autoplay), the video’s thumbnail is one of the first things any user notices, so make sure you make an effort there. No matter what you do, the thumbnail should, at the very least, hint at the subject matter, apart from being attention-grabbing.

Host Videos to Your Domain

Making video content to boost your site’s ranking is fine and well, but you should host the videos to your own domain. That way search engines won’t direct the traffic to other sites. While uploading videos to, say, YouTube or Facebook is terrific brand exposure, it’s not always as useful as you’d like, because, let’s face it, that means your site won’t get any traffic at all, regardless of how much the reach it gets on those big-name networks. So, if you do decide to add to these services, make sure to link back to your site in the description. However, even with that, search engines will still offer a YouTube video first, as opposed to your site. That’s why it’s important to make your own pages (will adequately polished SEO) and your own individual videos. Even, Google itself points out that this will make indexing easier.

Keyword Optimization

Seeking out your specific target audience is crucial, of course, but you have to get to it. In order to do that bear in mind that keyword research are like SEO breadcrumbs you drop for people to discover your relevant video content. You can experiment with all sorts of keywords to get the ball rolling and get your video noticed; just remember to offer a rich description, so engines can pick it up. That doesn’t mean you have to overdo it and write a will of text in the video’s description. Still, make sure you mention a majority of the keywords related to your product.  

Create a Video Sitemap

It may not sound like much, albeit including a video’s sitemap is another way to mention the video’s title, description, the subject matter, as well as the duration. Think of it as an add-on to the site’s existing general sitemap. In truth, the video sitemap frequently gets overlooked in video SEO, it has to be said that it is a key ingredient to improve your video’s ranking.

Include an Embedding Option for Your Videos

Anybody who watches your video might feel inclined to share it. More than that, users should have the option to embed your video to their site. That only means they appreciate your video content enough to put it on their own pages. While this very thing improves the credibility and reputation of your brand, it could also easily lead to an improved page ranking on SERPs. In conclusion, embedding should be straightforward, and you’ll get more inbound links which is yey another thing to help you with your SEO efforts.

Social Media Sharing is a Must

We’ve already mentioned that having your videos on your own domain is vital. Still, you want to get noticed and sharing the content or rather promoting it is important too. Stick to relevant channels on YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo and Facebook, and do your best to spread the word of your video deeds, because that’s one of the quickest ways to connect to a specific audience. Once you’ve done that, you can expect a jump in traffic, better positioning on SERPs, more link back to your site (although that’s not always a guarantee, it is definitely worth a try) etc. When promoting videos, say, via Twitter or Facebook, be sure to keep to the groups you know would be thrilled with your videos. Describe the video with the right keywords and be descriptive, as this helps for both reaching the desired audience and it helps with search engines.

That Said, Think Mobile

People are quick to assume that making a digital marketing strategy is complicated or impossible. It’s not. But there are certain things you just cannot do without, especially in today’s market. One doesn’t have to be a master-class businessman to know that without focusing on the mobile market, or at least a segment of it, you probably won’t get very far. These days 51% of online video plays on mobile devices.

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