7 Ways Video Is Bringing People Together Right Now
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April 12, 2020
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7 Incredible Ways Video Is Uniting People

Videos. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. True, you might be leaning towards the latter right now what with the influx of calls you’re probably getting amid the spread of COVID-19. But don’t give up on them just yet.

What else would you be doing while social distancing? Knitting? Yeah, we didn’t think so either (or you can be knitting as well, no judgements here).  Still, you have to acknowledge that videos are, in a way, preserving our sanity right now. They’re our link to normal life; the life as we remember it before going into lockdown.

With colleges and schools canceling in-person classes and companies working remotely, that ‘normal’ life is now unfolding online. This isn’t surprising; after all, we’re social creatures and we need to find a way to feel close to other people even while in isolation.

And that’s where videos come in to fulfill their role.

So, settle back in your comfy chair and continue reading to see how videos are uniting people. Let’s see what we’ll cover:

Did you settle in that chair? Great!

Let’s dive in.

Companies Embrace Remote Work

All of you in favor of remote work raise your hand — this is your moment to shine! Let’s be honest, most of us are crawling out of bed and rushing to dial into conference calls from the comfort of our homes.

We at Brid.TV are doing the same! And we gotta acknowledge, there’s something to be said for that remote work. We mean, there’s no commuting in the hot/cold or fear of being late. We should be working from home all the time, honestly. Well, not all the time, but… at least once a week? You get the drift.

Truth be told, it hasn’t been easy for companies to introduce work-from-home policies. Most of them scrambled to help their employees create impromptu offices in their living rooms and dining rooms. Nevertheless, they achieved this. Now, the “home office” has become our new normal and it’s yet to be seen when this will stop.

Indeed, people didn’t really think they’d enter into the world of video conferencing apps, but here we are. Zoom, anyone? Yes, this company has become a major hit in the time of the coronavirus. In fact, the popular show Saturday Night Live used this software to air its episode on Saturday, proving how vital videos are for our everyday lives.

While video conferencing, we can get a taste of our office, albeit in an unusual setting, but let’s not complain.

Education Is Now Online

With social distancing becoming a trend and a necessity, even education was affected. The vast majority of school buildings around the world have closed. This meant that governments had to come up with a solution that would enable students to attend classes from their homes. Of course, what else could they choose but videos?

Right now, thousands of teachers are recording their lessons and posting them online. In this way, education won’t suffer a major setback and students can go on with their everyday lives.

Some teachers go a step further and they’re video conferencing with those students who need their help and tutoring.  Obviously, nothing can beat the real thing, but we need to be grateful. Imagine what would have happened to colleges and schools if it weren’t for videos to save the day!

Shows Are Only a Click Away

Live streaming has made a splash in the video industry and nothing can stop its growing popularity. A few months ago, when someone would ask us about live streaming, we’d probably only think about Twitch and gamers living their best life. However, this has now changed.

Even before the global pandemic, live streaming was a good way to boost the reach of sporting events, theatrical shows, and other public events. In fact, users can increase their reach 50 times if they just simulcast their stream to social media platforms.

Today, because of social distancing and lockdowns, we have a vast number of shows at our disposal. Namely, you can tune in to theaters and music venues and watch performances safely from your home!

After all, life (and the show) must go on.

So, Venice’s opera house livestreamed their string quartet playing before an empty venue. Even popular musicians are performing online to entertain people, among them are Chris Martin, Pink, and John Legend. Not only that, but you can also watch Broadway shows without worrying that tickets will be sold out.

Home Workouts

Moving now from live streaming onto exercises. For gym enthusiasts the greatest concern was whether they’d be able to continue their daily workouts during the pandemic. Well, they can, but just not in a gym. Now living rooms have turned into home gyms where people watch online fitness classes every day.

And this was all made possible because of videos. Fitness brands are recording their instructors and distributing those videos to their members. In this way, these companies won’t lose their revenue and members will still have a chance to stay active and healthy.

Plugging Businesses

Staying at home means that there are more chances for people to see your advertisements. In fact, brands are making a shift towards screens which isn’t surprising. With many social activities forbidden, there’s not much we can do but check our phones or watch TV.

So, it’s high time for you to start investing in video marketing if you haven’t already. As many as 52% marketers say that video is the content type with the best return on investment. Therefore, why not use it to your advantage?

Obviously, we don’t mean that you should post in-your-face videos during the coronavirus. This might put off some customers and prompt them to think you’re out of touch. But you can perhaps publish a video in which you remind consumers that you’re still delivering your products or services. With so many businesses closing, your target audience might not be aware that you’re working.

And what better way to inform them than by using videos. Trust us, people are head over heels in love with them and would rather watch this content type than read huge blocks of text. In fact, 72% of customers would rather get informed about a product by way of video.

Virtual Conferences 

Almost 200 major conferences in the fields of tech, art, or retail have been canceled or postponed until further notice due to the coronavirus. However, a portion of them will still take place, although not with thousands of people attending them in person. For instance, Adobe and Google have both decided to host virtual conferences instead.

Of course, there are those who say that videos cannot replace the actual in-person experience. And they are right. However, what they can do is create an immersive and transportive experience instead. There are many influencers who are using videos now to move and inspire audiences.

We at Brid.TV are proud to see that video has become a medium for creativity and communication. And we truly hope that it will create a new environment where social distancing won’t exert a negative influence on our mental health.

People Welcome Video Chat Apps

For those working from home or practicing social distancing, group video platforms have become a daily routine. We used to visibly cringe every time someone called us on FaceTime or Skype, but not anymore. Now, we’re embracing them as they provide that sense of connectivity we so desperately need during these unprecedented times.

Needless to say, social networks and online communication apps are already seeing the impact of what happens when people start to rely on technology to stay in touch. For instance, Facebook revealed that 70% more people were joining group video calls using Facebook Messenger.

Additionally, WhatsApp stated that the use of voice and video calls on the app have doubled in those countries which are most impacted by the virus. 

Therefore, it’s undeniable. As people around the world stay at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we have a new lifeline, albeit a technological one, and that’s video chat.

Video: The Unsung Hero

Video has really emerged as one of the unsung heroes. It helps us bridge the communication gap when countries are in lockdown and all social gatherings have been banned. Just imagine what our reality would have looked like without videos now. Terrifying, right? We couldn’t agree more.

If anything, at least video content is here to distract us from the bad news and bring hope. So, while you’re waiting for the pandemic to stop, why don’t you watch a viral video? Or video chat with your loved one? You know you want to.