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June 8, 2017
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6 Types of Videos That Are Great for Any Business

By now we all know video content has superpowers! There is no doubt video is a great branding tool, engagement tool, education tool, communication tool, marketing tool etc. However, one of the biggest problems marketers face today is what type of video should they be using to convey a message that would be appealing to their audience.
Being a video platform has its perks. One of the perks is being able to measure how different type of videos perform for our publishers. Undoubtedly you already took necessary steps to understand your audience and your creatives are in place. Now it’s time to decide which type of video will work the best.

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Product Videos

Product videos can be a bit problematic and challenging to make, but the truth is they are extremely effective when they are made the right way. Each product video should be primarily be focused on things that are the most useful about what you want to put out there. However, this kind of video must also have something or someone relatable, so that people can have some sort of connection to it. Sometimes, keeping things simple and sticking to what’s practical (and throwing in a nice smile) is all you need. Simplicity can work magic, as you can see in the example below:

Testimonial Videos

There is absolutely no doubt that testimonial videos are crucial for businesses small and large, as much as any other video type. Testimonials are essential because they help your product have a positive impact on the public. These are basically statements from people who know your product (i.e. business) and they speak from personal experience, so what better way to convince someone that your business is something that actually matters to people. It’s genuine marketing, so to speak. It’s also very engaging and far better than any form of content. The best part is that they show happy customers that will win over new customers. Also, remember that there’s no need to script these videos, the customers and people will speak volumes alone.

Promotional Videos

The promotional video is a very powerful marketing tool. It has to center on the value of what your company / business has to offer. For that purpose, one of the first steps is to create a name for yourself and make an impact so to speak, in order to grab the attention of your audience and then express what your product is all about. The promotional video must separate you from the rest of the competition. It must be engaging, and by no means annoying or boring in any possible shape or form.

Company Culture Videos

Out of all the videos that can be used to enhance your business and promote it, the company culture videos ought to be the most fun to make and the most fun to watch. Treat them as fun while making them and you should definitely be on the right track.
Twitter has recently had several rather successful attempt to get one important message across. The message is being laid back, really more than anything else, and putting a lot of humor takes the edge off and makes people feel far less insecure, as opposed to serving up classic corporate style promotional videos, that are draining on the budget and often feel extremely fake. What you see below is a terrific example of a well-made company culture video.

Explainer Videos

Unlike other types of videos, explainer videos serve as sort of tutorial or rather a kind of easy-going set of explanation that help the audience meet a challenge head on. This challenge might be something that’s connected to your business or something similar to or related to your product. The point is that once the audience are done watching, they should leave with the skill and knowledge how to overcome the challenge, or in other words, solve the problem at hand. Throughout the years it’s been proven that things like step-by-step explanations or similar formats for explainer videos are quite effective.

Training Videos

(internal training and onboard videos)
Generally speaking, people could always use some guidance and 90% of the time they are flooded with too much info and data, so in order to get the job done they have to process that knowledge. Training videos, and consequently ‘internal videos’ and ‘onboard videos’ are awesome ways to help teams with their work, without overwhelming them with excess info.  While this is not exactly a traditional training video, it’s really a very powerful presentation that creates just the kind of training people should know and get when they start their workday. Check it out:

What’s your take on different video type? Or did we miss something? Let us know in the comment section below.