51% of Online Video Plays on Mobile Devices
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According to the latest Global Video Index stats, which draw insights from more than 3.5 billion video analytic events per day from 220 million viewers across the world, based on customers who visit on more days each month — at least seven days per month but typically many more — and made more frequent visits each day than an “average” customer.

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Here are a few stats:

iOS or Android:

  • 98 per cent of video plays on mobile devices are on iOS or Android.
  • iOS owned 52 per cent of video plays on smartphones.
  • 91 per cent of videos viewed on tablets in Q2 2015 were via iOS, but Apple’s share has declined to just 65 per cent a year later.
  • Users watch video for longer on iOS devices than on Android devices, but the gap is narrowing slightly.

Mobile video trends

  • 51 per cent of all plays are mobile, an increase of 15 per cent from a year ago and 203 per cent from 2014.
  • Plays on smartphones increased 10 per cent from a year ago.
  • Plays on tablets increased 51 per cent from a year ago.

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