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February 27, 2015
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March 3, 2015

5 Things That Will Help Your Videos Stand Out

Videos are a magical combination of the sound, sight, motion and emotion and people love to watch them. They can impart information in clear, simple manner, understandable to everyone, easy to consume. So, whether they make us laugh or cry, they have the ability to leave a strong of an impact on us.
No wonder that, according to Cisco, by 2017 the 70 % of all consumers internet traffic will be produced by videos (1). No wonder they already are a very effective marketing tool. Latest studies show that the videos can increase purchases up to 97% (2). Given all the expectations how do you make your video stand out in 2015!?
Tell A Good Story
While making a video you need to tell a good story, something that will drag attention, funny, entertaining, that can educate, inspire and engage viewers at the same time. Try to offer your fans something different, something fresh. Be creative while making your video and your audience will differ you from others and become your loyal customers. Using online video platform, you can choose between several designed skins (for gaming, sport, woman, movies…) and that way give your audience authentic video experience alongside your story.
Know Your Audience
We all know about it. However, it is one of the most easily overlooked aspects of making a video. Besides a good story, you need to know what are you selling and to whom are you selling it to so that your video has a clear goal and target group you are addressing the video to. Whether it’s the campaign for a new project, brand awareness, or an invitation to an event, the message you want to send must be clear and dedicated to your potential client, your target group.
Top Player To Support Your Video
It goes without saying, right!? Your audience needs to have the possibility to access your video at any given time, on any given device (mobile, tablet, PC, Mac etc.) and anywhere in the world so that they can enjoy watching it and sharing it with friends. You need to have a state of the art video player with social sharing options just like player has 🙂
Don’t Stop With Just One Video On Subject
After creating a video, you shouldn’t stop there, but keep going and update your site with more videos on the same subject referring to your previously made videos at least within a video description. It’s a good SEO (search engine optimization) tactic to give a link to your videos even when it comes from your own website. Be persistent and consistent with it. Keep in mind, in case of, you can create Youtube channel and harness its users while make use of it through on your website i.e. have your Youtube videos played through player. This way you have the ability to use videos through your branded player and, if needed, additionally monetize on top of your existing one from Youtube videos you use.
Finally, Video Quality Matters
Why? Because the effect of a video that tells a good story is even bigger when it comes hand in hand with a high-quality video. Keep in mind, however, that offering your fans a good story wrapped up in an effective and high-quality video will leave them expect from your product nothing less but quality ….but that should not be a problem for you, right!?