43 % of all video views took place in Q4 of 2014
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Invodo found that 43 % of all e-commerce video views during last year occurred in Q4. Sunday was the most popular day of the week for e-commerce videos, especially during the last two months of the year, which was the holiday shopping season. Undoubtedly, the holidays gave the fourth quarter a huge leverage over the rest of the year. Invodo also states that e-commerce video views in 2014 grew 54 % over 2013.  According to this research, 81 % of all shoppers online research products before buying. Shoppers who watched a product-related video were 1.6x more likely to buy the product than shoppers who didn’t watch a video. This research also shows that online-only retailers saw a 1.7x lift from video viewers, compared to  multichannel retailers, who saw a lift of 1.2x. These facts prove the undoubtable video influence on online shoppers, and that video is definitely one of the most powerful selling tools in the presence.

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