3rd Party Support for the BridTV HMTL5 Video Player

3rd Party Support and Open Source System Integration

Speed up your development with BridTV tech and a wide variety of industry-standard Open Source systems.

Google AMP Support

Power up all of your Brid players with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), dramatically improving performance on mobile. This is a feature fully backed by many publishers and digital industry giants. Apart from boosting page load speeds on mobile, AMP compatible players and web pages are a godsend for your overall SEO.


Nielsen Analytics Integration

In addition to comprehensive video analytics, publishers can also get relevant data thanks to Nielsen metrics. The upgraded BridTV player and ad solution features a specially devised plugin, which allows you to integrate full Nielsen analytics (particularly targeted for Italy GEO) with a single embed code.


ComScore Integration

BridTV encompasses a wide variety of open-source tech, in addition to a wide array of solutions that will help you greatly enhance your monetization with ComScore analytics successfully incorporated into your business strategy.

Facebook Syndication

We all know how important it is to connect to real people, and real audiences. Increase your presence on social media and make sure your content gets enough exposure. We enable direct content syndication - from BridTV to Facebook.

SpotX Prebid Integration

SpotX advertisers utilized the BridTV player network to top-level inventory. Header bidding, essentially, gives publishers an opportunity to offer their inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously, before making ad calls to their servers. SpotX header bidding is implemented directly into the BridTV player - you just need to embed it on your web page and the player completes the SpotX bid call and if a valid ad is returned from SpotX, it will display it inside the player.


Prebid.js Integration

The Prebid.js open-source tool has practically become a necessary component in BridTV. It effectively implements Prebid.js (using Prebid Server) and Prebid.js (using client-side adapters) to help you monetize with precision and speed with top-tier inventory.


WordPress and Drupal

When using WordPress for all your projects, you'll be able to overcome most development challenges. Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit more complex; for instance, a website that requires robust functionality, then you might want to consider turning to Drupal. The key difference here when compared to WP is that anything in Drupal may take considerably longer to implement.

BridTV Drupal  BridTV WordPress 

SpringServe Integration

After many years of collaboration with the popular ad network SpringServe, we are happy to continue helping web publishers by integrating top-of-the-line video ad tech solutions. We highly recommend you expand your business and unlock even more monetization options with this kick-ass ad supplier.

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